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Office Yoga (Exercise for people who don't have time)

Posted on September 16, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Do you ever feel sore and fatigued after work even though you've been sitting at your desk all day? 

At least 3 out of every 4 visitors to New Moon Bodywork and Wellness are there to relieve pain that is caused or exacerbated by sitting at a desk all day and hunching over a computer. Check out the links and tutorials below to find out how to save your neck and back and say goodbye to sore wrists. If you don't have spare time to exercise, that's okay! There a lot of tweaks you can make to your day that take no time at all, as well as exercises you can do at your desk while you work!

Recent research has suggested that sitting down all day can be as much as if not more of a health risk than smoking. The infographic below shows just a few of the things that happen to your body when you spend the day seated.

Since everyone has to go to work, we need to combat this stress on our bodies by making small changes every day to move as much as possible! In addition to the suggestions above, the Mayo Clinic suggests standing up whenever possible. If you don't have a workstation that allows you to stand, you may be able to stand up while you're on the phone. You work long hours, and every little bit helps! Check out the Mayo Clinic's easy guide to ergonomics to help you stay comfortable at work!

Did you know that a weak core can contribute to low back pain? Your abdominal muscles support your thoracic spine, and if they're weak, it can put unecessary strain on your low back. You don't need to spend hours at the gym getting ripped abs to reap the back soothing benefits of a stronger core; a little can go a long way. I recommend sitting on a fitness ball at work instead of a chair. You can use the ball on its own (like I do when I'm seated and working on your neck) or get one of these chairs that holds the ball in place. A google search for "fitness ball chair" will give you plenty of options.

Here are some easy yoga routines you can do at your desk. If you try these out and think you may be doing something wrong, let me know and we can do a set together before or after your next appointment with me!

Finally, here are 33 ways to squeeze in exercise during your work day. Some of them may or may not be too silly for you, but some of them are easy and discreet, like doing calf raises while waiting for copies to print.

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