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Show yourself some love!

Posted on August 13, 2016 at 8:35 PM

How often have you felt relaxed and limber after a massage, only to have achiness and tension return over the course of a few short days or maybe a week? Did you know that with regular self care, massage therapy can cause long lasting, even permanent changes in your body, causing greater relief over time? This is true no matter what your purpose in receving massages, for any reason ranging from relaxation and anxiety management to sciatica and chronic back pain. Proper self care may look different for every individual, and I'm committed to working with each and every one of my guests to create a plan to stay comfortable and healthy in between our appointments. What do you hope to gain from your massages? Let's work together and come up with a plan to make it happen!


 To extend the benefit you receive from our bodywork sessions, spend some time taking care of yourself in between appointments. You've already invested in yourself by coming to see me. You deserve 10 minutes a day to show yourself some love! If you receive bodywork every four weeks and don't do any work in between to keep your soft tissue supple and limber, we'll be starting at square one each time. If you see me primarily for pain management, that may feel frustrating to you. However, if you practice self care at home, each session you have with me will build on changes we previously created. This is how I can help you create better posture, greater flexibility, and lasting relief from pain and stress.


 I've found that many people either aren't aware of how to care for their muscles in between massages or that they know a few stretches and neglect them. I'm often guilty of neglecting stretching, rolling and self massage. I have to change my routine all the time and trick myself into doing it or I find it incredibly boring. (I'll talk more about motivational tricks later.) Doing the same old stretch routine can understandably begin to feel like a dreaded chore. Loving ourselves can be such a challenge! Many of us feel guilty prioritizing our own needs ahead of work or family or have a hard time finding a few uninterrupted minutes. We invent all sorts of reasons not to take care of ourselves. What are yours?



I will be devoting one blog post per week to self care, and providing links to helpful research articles and tutorials. My mission is to empower you with options so that you stay inspired and engaged in the care of your body, and receive the greatest possible benefit from the bodywork we do together.

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