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About Me

Catherine Malia LMT


Who I am

My Background:

I am a licensed massage therapist who graduated in 2007 from the National Massage Therapy institute in Falls Church, VA, and have been growing my practice in Portland since 2009. I specialize in rehabilitative deep tissue massage, and in Thai/Shiatsu bodywork, and am certified in Reiki. 

Treatment Philosophy:

Every massage at New Moon Bodywork and Wellness is a unique, integrated blend of techniques, customized just for you. I combine 10 years of experience with focus, attention, and intuition to tailor each appointment to your needs. 

Whether your goal is to maximize your body's performance potential before a competition or event, speed up the healing process after you've pulled a muscle, manage depression and anxiety, or simply to feel the relaxing effects of human touch, we will come up with a treatment plan that works for you. Depending on your health history, boundaries, and preferences, you might be offered a plan that includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, myofascial, Thai or Shiatsu massage techniques, heat therapy in the form of hot stones or towels, skin treatments that stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, reflexology, or vacuum cupping. 

As a guest at New Moon Bodywork and Wellness, you are always free to accept, reject, or ask questions about any service that's suggested. Although I believe that the best results are often achieved by treating all of the body's major muscle groups, many people have muscles they don't want touched because of pain, ticklishness, or emotional triggers. All of those preferences are ok to express here, and I'm committed to never, ever pushing your boundaries or pressuring you to accept treatments that are outside of your comfort zone. 

You are guaranteed a nurturing, comfortable space where you know that you will be warm and modestly covered with sheets and blankets, supported with pillows and bolsters, and accepted just as you are. I hope that this becomes a safe place that supports your body's amazing power to heal itself.